Thanks to TT-Kiwi we are in for a real treat. Our first first video coverage of the event. Stay tuned, more to come.

09:50 – Still no racing because of rain up the hill

Good morning all. Over night we had a bit of rain so the road is slightly damp at the moment. We hope it will clear up later today. So far we have close to 30 participants enjoying the early morning start.

Fastest by class Run 6 Run 2
Fastest overal Run 5 Run 1
  Run 4  
  Run 3  


For now a quick update with the results of today, only. After the last run and printing the results we were informed that the time for the last run of Shannon was missing which actually was the fastest run of the day. The following is the amended version including Run#6.

20/03/2021 – Fastest By Class

We apologise for this little hiccup and see you all tomorrow when we will have a new King of the Hill.