2021 Cliffhanger Promotions Inc. Hillclimb

Another year has passed and it is time to come together for the next round of our Hillclimb event so you better pencil this into your calendar.

Please no “training runs” up the road before the event! It can easily lead to us not being allowed to have another event in the future.

This event is held on a sealed road with a length of 6.1 Km and comprising 27 corners.

All motorcycles and sidecars welcome!

ZX10R run

Some Sidecar action

 Fastest run ever

We will have a bus running up and down the road between runs to enable spectators to see the action from different locations.

Some food and drinks will be available in the paddocks.

Free WiFi will be available again.

Everybody can camp in the defined areas in the paddocks. So, bring a tent, van or car and make yourself comfortable. If needed, you can find accommodation at the Greytown Hotel.

The boring side of things