1/4-mile Sprints 2017 are just a round the corner

Hello all

In under 2 weeks time we will have the 1/4-mile Sprints underway if the weather permits. So let’s keep the fingers crossed that we will not have much wind or rain.

The sprints will be held on the 19th November (26th November alternatively). Like every year we will make an assessment in the morning on the day (around 06:00) and let you know if we can run or not.

  • Road and racing bikes can be used
  • Riders do not need to hold a competition license
  • The event will be electrically timed
  • Runs will be held individually for the flying and for the standing 1/4 mile.

There is approx 1.5km run-up for the flying so even the fastest bikes have reached their top speed before the timing lights. If you’re keen to experiment with gearing, exhaust systems, jetting or aero-dynamics then this is the place.

Entry is per rider for as many runs as we can fit in between the hours of 9:00 am and approx. 4:00 pm (how long we go for depends on how many riders we attract).

Classes & Fees:

There is a flat fee for all classes of $ 70.00 this year.

Class Capacity ccm Fee
C1 601 to open  4-cylinder > 600 cc | 3-cylinder > 675 cc | 2-cylinder > 750 cc
C2 251 to 600 4-cylinder < 601 cc | 3-cylinder < 676 cc | 2-cylinder < 751 cc
C3 up to 250 Any cylinder up to 250 cc

To help with the registration on the day you can enter here online without any strings attached. If you can’t make it we will miss you and that is all.

In case you prefer the old school, print out this form and bring it with you on the day (make sure our crew on site is able to read it, please ? ).


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