Final standings for todays 1/4-mile sprints

Boom. Done for the day and what a day it was. Wind, rain, sun, whatever you can imagine our great rider faced it all. Now for the final results.

Congratulations to all riders for their effort and the times they put down.

C1 flying was a demonstration of force. What a bike the H2R is but Scott Wilkins needed to bring it down the track, well done.

In C2 Torsten Prange wasn't beatable flying or standing.

Chris Palmer seems to be the master, 9.9091 seconds from stand still to a 1/4-mile finish is all he needs.

Final results flying

Final results standing

1/4-Miles Sprints updates

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Ready, steady, go

We believe the weather is right for a good day out in the Wairarapa.

The sprints will be adjusted to the conditions and we might run flying's before standing's as it looks like the wind will get stronger during the day.

See you at the East-West-Access Road in about 2ish hours.